Why we learn to write well - A persuasive speech


Writing good sentences - Warm up

The student goes to school 

The student is withdrawn

The student goes to junior high school

The student creates programs

The creation is in her spare time

She has a reason

She wished to alleviate boredom

The boredom is felt when she is studying

The study is of mathematics 


Sizzling starts explained


a) Cats are better than dogs

b) books are better than TV

c) Animals should be kept in zoos

d) People should be allowed to beg on the streets

e) Santa Claus really does exist

2. Class Activity

TEXT TYPE: Persuasive (More people are afraid of insects than they are of snakes.)
BEFORE: I think far more people are afraid of insects as they are all over the house and garden.
COMMENT: Begin right where the action is – then fill in the information in the body paragraphs once you have grabbed the reader's attention. Your task is to persuade (not just inform.)
AFTER: The cockroach was big. Well, big was sort of relative, it was about the size of his thumb. That meant he was about a thousand times bigger than the shiny black bug waving its antenna at him. So why was he the one terrified???


Steps - Write 3 random words on a piece of paper and add your name.  Roll up the piece of paper and swap them with your friends randomly for one minute.  After one minute write a fantastic start with the words that you have on your piece of paper.


Setting the scene

The subway is an assault on your senses. You walk down the steep, smelly staircase onto the subway platform. On the far right wall a broken clock shows the time is half past four. you wonder how ling it has been broken. A mother and a crying child are standing to your left. She is trying to clean dried chocolate syrup off the child's face. Farther to your left, two older men are arguing about the latest tax increase. You hear a little noise and see some fresh trash roll by like a soccer ball. However, the most interesting thing that you see while you are waiting for the subway train in one of London's busiest terminals, is a poster. It reads "Come to Jamaica" Deep blue skies, a lone blue palm tree, and sapphire waters call you to this far away and exotic place.

Do the paper exercise again... this time with places

For example - the park, a breakfast shop, .... etc.



Search for an idiom or a metaphor that you can use in your story


The girl who silenced the world speech

 One Structure example