To Qualify........................  ............................................  IELTS task 1

1. We aim to help those who are struggling to pass this exam, so to qualify you need to provide….

1.1 A copy of your IELTS test results to show that you are able to complete this course. 

The range should be Band 5-7 (B2 of CEFR).  Note - If below this we recommend doing some extra study before taking this course. 

Other study options - Common European Framework

1.2 A sample of your task 1 writing

(question attached)

Or do this sample – see here

1.4 Payment receipt number

1.5 What is your study purpose?


2 You receive

2.1 Name and password

2.2 Bar charts(2), line charts(2), pie charts(3), diagrams(3) (broken into 58 small learning blocks)















The teaching is a little different though...

We teach you transferable skills and make you an independent thinker.  We don't want you to just focus on the question that the teacher gives you, but teach in a way that makes you confident that you can answer any question that you receive. 

Look at the 15 minute mark of this unique teacher's video in Japan












Once you know how, you can do it quickly and boost your score a lot. After this course, task (1) will be easy marks to get the results that you want.

Test Format  Make it yours  

3. If you have taken the IELTS test before then you are probably familiar with the criteria and the format


6. Get started by collecting copies of your certificate and writing sample.  Forward them to our expert Chris, once qualified pay the required fee to start     (see below)

 More Graphs Get the exact results that you want   

4. Sample of a bar graph that you can use to write a sample.  Or use one of your own.


7. Follow all the (sharing your writing improvement at each stage) steps and we guarantee that your writing score will improve.  If not we will refund your money.

Additional Resource Start Researching your destination  
5. Here is a free app produced by Cambridge to improve your vocabulary and grammar  8. Born in Australia we are a bit bias when it comes to recommending a destination, however we will do all we can to help you get to the country that you wish to go to.

 "A Professional is an amateur who didn't know when to quit"

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