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Customer Retention campaigns / Marketing Sales Customer service Negotiating

I set up successful customer retention campaigns for clients like

- BP Wellington Point

- Stain Busters

- Jims Antennas

- Dstore

These campaigns rewarded customers and up-sold them with other products.

Sales for me is about 

- Being a good listener

- Building Trust

- Helping

- Maintaining eye contact

- Asking for the order

I learnt my sales skills from mentors, working at trade shows, direct sales in shopping centres, Sales rep positions, Telephone negotiation and corporate sales.

Again dealing with people.  I establish good rapport, listen, make eye contact, understand and make sure that the customer feels valued and satisfied.

These skills are fantastic, especially when you have an unhappy customer.  

I can remember dealing with a customer who approached me in an agitated state after receiving bad service from one of my front line staff.  I was not only able to skillfully calm the customer and satisfy the customer's complaint, but able to also listen and respond to the front line staff member concerned in a way that allowed them to happily return to work.

In the middle between suppliers and market agents, I had to again build strong relationships primarily to assist our clients - the small Australian farmer.

To build up this trust and respect, I even started work in the Rocklea Markets at 2am, before putting in a full day at the office.






Management Detailed Skills List
Not only did I deal with these companies on the phone, but talked to the truck drivers as they drove through Brisbane for produce quality inspections. I also had to ensure that deadlines were kept and distribution channels were satisfied. 

Initially my management was based in the hospitality industry running hotels with a staff of about 20, then onto club operations and finally into the corporate world, running a team of customer service staff. You can also read the detailed skills list where I detail the companies with which I developed my skills and further detail about how I used them to help the company that I was working for.Click here...