My Students develop a passion for learning -                                               

Music Teacher          
Sales Executive
Yoga teacher
It is my goal to pass the IELTS exam this year and go to England for study. Teacher Chris is very encouraging and an excellent teacher, so i can already see myself there. "Chris, I appreciate your 
help to get into the 
England Exchange 
program.Thank you." 

Reference for student  

Wanting to better my career, I need to be able to converse in English well.  Chris is a fantastic teacher who has helped me improve my English fluency a lot.  Chris you helped me correct my pronunciation a lot.  Also I liked the sample call answering and 2 " Thank you.





Kurt - Manager Joyce Sandy (age 9) Student - Tina

"Chris, my English was really
poor. But after your classes
it is now good.  I like the job skillsyou taught me and the BBC site" Kirt

Hi Chris,
You helped me a lot.
You not only helped me to improve my IELTS test, but you also encouraged me a lot

Thank you.


" Joyce 

In teacher Chris's class I enjoy writing in English now.  I am happy to be in this class.

Here are two examples of my stories that my teacher thought were very good.

1. Little Coin

2. Mountains


Wanting to travel to Australia
Tina was worried her English
wasn't good enough.  As 
you can see she is now 
having a ball in Australia.


"After you started teaching my daughter English, she has started to do very well at school and has developed a love of writing" 
This makes me very happy" :D

Here is an example of her writing - Here



Fiona Tiffany Jana Professional Assessor

Teacher, I want to learn GEPT writing for my intermediate test, improve my speaking, listening and conversation.

Introducing new vocabulary, writing techniques and high level reading material, Fiona passed her GEPT test and was accepted to study overseas.  Finalizing her Personal Statement, she is looking forward to the adventure.
Tiffany scored 13/15 on her university exam in English after only 4 months of working with teacher Chris once a week.  Congratulations Tiffany!!! Congratulations on your fantastic grades Jana!!

GEPT test

Listening 117/120
Reading 92/120

"His manner was good, his attention to the tasks was good and his questioning unintimidating.
The actual questioning of all levels, First Step, Junior, Primary and Advanced was clear and efficient. This is a good, confident assessor with a good relationship with the students.