Dear Sir / Madam,


I have had the pleasure to both teach and learn from a very energetic young woman, Eva Cheng.  I was able to impart my English experience and teach her higher level writing while she was able to teach me Chinese as part of her University teaching qualification.

Working with Eva to develop her composition skills, language usage skills, essay structure skills and preparing her for her foreign exchange application interviews, I found her to be both hard working and very determined to succeed.  She always put in 100% effort, and ended up representing both Taiwan and her own school in England and Vietnam.  To her credit, she performed exceptionally well on both occasions, receiving high praise.

While completing her own studies, Eva also found the time to tutor me in Chinese to complement my own foreign language University studies.  Finding the language very challenging, Eva prepared extra worksheets and material, and spent the time assisting me every week.  For this I am eternally grateful as my language skills improved dramatically under her guidance.

In the future I have no hesitation in recommending Eva for any career path that she wishes to pursue, as a young woman that will become an asset to any company lucky enough to have her on their team.


Yours Sincerely,


Christopher Bauman

Senior English Teacher (Fushan Elementary School)