Image    Chris always represents LIveABC with a good image.  He wears the uniform, is clean shaven, and has a neat appearance that appeals to the customers of LiveABC
 Punctual    Chris always turns up early to allow enough time to prepare for class giving front line managers piece of mind
 Teaching_Ability    With a kind and patient manner, Chris makes sure every student in his classes does well and and develops quickly.  As a result of this teaching his students are some of the best at LiveABC.
 Qualifications    While at LiveABC, Chris went back to university to get a Graduate Diploma of Teaching, making him a better teacher.  He also shares the skills learned in this course to train other teachers.
 Reliable    If asked to do something, you can always rely on it getting done quickly and efficiently.  This reliability also extends to the classroom, making sure everything is done.
 Extra work    Organising the foreigner teachers for performance days, doing Anglia tests, working at Junior High Schools and High Schools, doing teaching demonstrations, doing open house demonstrations and travelling to other cities to train teachers are all things that add value to Chris as an employee.
 Easy to manage    Once a direction is give or I am asked to do something the task is done quickly and efficiently.
 Attitude    Chris has a positive attitude, is consistent, enthusiastic and easy to work with.
 Feedback    The feedback that Chris received from both parents and students is always exceptional.
 Honesty    Chris is an employee with very high integrity